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Japanese billionaire Maezawa Yusaku has announced 8 people who will take part in a special trip to the moon with a SpaceX rocket in 2023. In his post on Twitter, Maezawa officially announced the passengers who will accompany him on the “dearMoon” tourist tour to the moon in 2023.

According to the announcement, the tour, which received nearly 1 million requests, included K-Pop artist Choi Seung Hyun and USA disc jockey Steve Aoki will join.

The cabin crew includes Irish photographer Rhainnon Adam, Indian actor Dev Joshi and USA video includes content producer Tim Dod.

British photographer Karim Iliya in the team, USA also features filmmaker Brendan Hall and Czech art director Yemi Akinyemi Dele.

According to the statement, the backup crew members of the tour are Japanese dancer Miyu and from the United States snow the skier will be Kaitlin Farrington.

The billionaire will pay for a trip to the moon in 2023 with a rocket from the American spacecraft manufacturer SpaceX.

47-year-old Japanese Maezawa became the “first Japanese civilian to go to the moon” with his trip last year. (AA)

Translation“24 HOURS”

Azerbaijan news

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