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AP Vice President control shock! Accused of corruption and money laundering

in Belgium Europe Greek Socialist MP Eva Kaili, one of the 14 deputy speakers of the Parliament, is from Qatar a bribe due to what he received hand was detained in the capital Brussels in connection with the corruption investigation.

According to the news in the Greek and Belgian media, in Brussels in the morning about the same incident imprisonment while it was reported that one of the 4 people was Kaili’s accomplice, it was announced that Kaili was a member of the Greek socialist party PASOK. be removed from membership.

in Belgium the police This morning, as part of the investigation into corruption and money laundering, he conducted 16 separate operations in the capital Brussels. Former member of the Socialist Group, General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), Pier-Antonio Panzeri. Assistant to the AP member and NGOLuca Visentini, one of the the president including four suspects imprisonment did. (UAV)

Translation“24 HOURS”

Azerbaijan news

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