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Britain has announced sanctions against those who violate human rights

Great Britain some Iran and Russia announced a new package of sanctions against 30 individuals and institutions, including the official. It is said that those subject to sanctions stifle fundamental freedoms in the world.

December 9 – International Anti-Corruption Day and Human Rights Day, it is noted that 18 people were listed for human rights violations, six people for conflict-related sexual violence, and five individuals for serious corruption and illegal financing.

Crimea, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014, is among those subject to sanctions officersAndrey Tishenin and Artur Shambazovalso from Russia’s Rostov region, bordering Crimea Valentin Oparin and Oleg Tkachenko there is also They are prisoners torture in giving torture is accused of preventing complaints.

Iran’s judiciary and court six officials related to the systems were also listed. Six of them are connected to the courts, which tried the protesters with light sentences, including the death sentence.

“In the world free and it is our duty to promote open societies”– Minister of Foreign Affairs James Cleverly (James Cleverly) said in a statement.

In total, the new sanctions cover targets from 11 countries under seven sanctions regimes. Individuals face asset freezes, travel bans, and institutions face asset freezes.

Five people were included in the corruption list. Among them is an arms dealer from Serbia Slobodan Tesican ethnic Serb businessman from Kosovo Milan Radojcica construction tycoon from Kosovo Zvonko Veselinovic there is

“Corrupt people who fill their pockets with corruption and theft have a corrosive effect on the surrounding communities – they attack democracy and deprive the country of important resources for their own benefit”– the statement emphasizes.

“As a result, more than 2 percent of global GDP goes to corruption every year,” the statement said.


Azerbaijan news

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