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“The government has started the next stage of repression” |

Lawyer considers the decision biased and unfounded

Bakhtiyar Hajiyev’s arrest directly political is repression”.

This PFCP chairman Ali Karimli Meydan to TV political active Bakhtiyar He said in response to a question about Hajiyev’s arrest.

Ali Karimlinin according to Bakhtiyar A process of ordered and targeted pressure was carried out against Hajiyev for a long time:

“At first he was kidnapped and tortured. After the police was subjected to violence in his office. Also how long has artificial court was involved in his work. Bakhtiyar Hajiyev he was clearly the target of the government. December 9 court the decision political I consider it as the result of the order”.

Karimli says that the authorities have started the next stage to silence the society:

“They think that they are their allies Putin The collapse of international authoritarianism has been delayed a little since it was able to prolong the war with Ukraine a little. He used this opportunity Azerbaijan they decided to completely suppress their society and silence them with repressions. That is why they make many arrests. You know that many social and political figures already imprisonment done. Gultekin Hajibeyli was brought to court. Bakhtiyar Hajiyev imprisonment done, “About political parties” law the project has already passed the second reading. “The authorities have started a policy of completely isolating democratic forces.”

PFCP The chairman believes that the word at this stage Azerbaijan society and the international community should:

Azerbaijan society, young people, socio-political figures, businessmen, those who have said relatively little so far, those who hope that “these things will go well without me”, including the international organizations that are silent, saying that “Azerbaijan will introduce reforms itself in time”, should express their position. The authorities can stop this process of repression only thanks to the serious, mass protest of the people and the pressure of the international world. Otherwise, the repression will continue. Our biggest problem is that, as a society, we do not appreciate our potential and do not believe in our strength.”

Photo: Meydan TV

“You can be sure that until now, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people who are silent or silent, but who are thinking about the future of their country, who are not indifferent to North Koreanization, are coming to the squares. in social networks if they put an unequivocal position, a different picture emerges. If the authorities see that today instead of the silenced, thousands and tens of thousands are speaking, then they will come back to their senses. The international community should also stop playing cat and mouse games with authoritarian regimes and find the strength to react to what is happening. These two factors can stop repressions. If these will not happen, why not continue the repressions?! If the society and the international community continue to remain silent, the government will use its force to silence, subdue, and open the way for corruption,” Karimli said.

Lawyer Shahla Humbatova said that she had difficulty evaluating the court’s decision because she did not know the details of the case.

However attorney said that imprisonment– the gatimkan measure should be applied in exceptional cases:

“Azerbaijani courts, on the contrary, apply pre-trial detention in all political cases. Most of which are illegal and unfounded. Even Bakhtiyar Hajiyev about complaint, crime if he had a case, there was no need to choose a preventive measure against him. Where not necessary, there are other preventive measures. Why by isolating him from society crime should they investigate his case? This decision shows that there is prejudice against Hajiyeva.”

Sh. Humbatova reminded that Bakhtiyar Hajiyev had numerous complaints:

“They stole it in the middle of the street, but no one was held accountable. However, Hajiyev complaint even though he did, the law enforcement agencies did not fulfill their duties as quickly as they do now. That is, they did not take any measures to open the case and complaint remained on paper. The arrest of Hajiyev on December 9 actually shows that the complaint about him is an excuse. There is no doubt that Bakhtiyar Hajiyev is being punished for his criticism. Because all society and law enforcement agencies recognize Hajiyev as a critic of the government. They probably used that complaint as an excuse not to let him go unpunished.”

Shahla Humbatova
Source: Photo: social network

The lawyer believes that 10 The arrest of a social activist 1 day before December Human Rights Day is the government’s attitude towards human rights:

“Secondly, if any reforms or processes are carried out, independently court no problem will be solved until it is. Because the independent judicial factor is at the forefront of everything. The attitude towards Bakhtiyar Hajiyev also shows that the judge is not capable of making an independent decision. As long as our courts work by order, there will be no serious changes.”

Khatai District Court on December 9, 1 month for the preliminary investigation period regarding social activist Bakhtiyar Hajiyev 20 He chose preventive measures for a day.

against Bakhtiyar Hajiyev A crime He was charged with articles 221 (hooliganism) and 289 (contempt of court) of the Code.

It is about the scandal between Bakhtiyar Hajiyev and journalist Ulviyya Alovlu.

Bakhtiyar Hajiyev has been complaining to the police for a long time, demanding that Ulviyya Alovlu be brought to criminal responsibility.

Some time ago in social networks A video of what happened during the trial between Bakhtiyar Hajiyev and Ulviyya Alovlu in the Yasamal District Court was circulated.

In those images, Bakhtiyar Hajiyev throws the documents in his hand on the table.

It is claimed that the public activist is accused of hooliganism and contempt of court precisely because of this.

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