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The Prime Minister of India canceled the meeting with Putin

Traditional Russia– The Indian summit will not be held this year. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi Russia the president Vladimir Putinmeeting to be held in December cancellation did.

Bloomberg agency writes about this with reference to officials familiar with the matter.

According to one of the agency’s sources, this decision of the Indian Prime Minister is related to the war in Ukraine and Russia the leader’s nuclear threats.

Russia-India summit 20It has been held every year since the 00s and only once, in 2019 the coronavirus pandemic postponed until

Last year Putin to India to meet Modi trip had done This was his first foreign trip after the pandemic.

The sources of the Bloomberg agency say that the said summit cancellation from spoiling relations between Delhi and Moscow news does not give, but according to Modi, a meeting with Putin in the current situation could work to his detriment.

Putin’s non-stop nuclear talks

Bloomberg also writes with reference to an official Russian official who did not want to be named that this summit cancellation it was already known in September.

At that time, at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Tashkent, Modi told Putin that the present time is not a “time of war”.

Modi to Putin with this Ukraine advised to achieve peace with

The officials of the two countries have not yet commented on the mentioned information.

Putin He mentioned nuclear weapons for the last time on December 7.

He said that Russia does not intend to use nuclear weapons “like a razor”.

However, Putin avoided giving a guarantee that Moscow would not use nuclear weapons first.


Azerbaijan news

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