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The state budget of 2023 was adopted

National At the plenary session of the Assembly held on December 9, “2023 state budget about” law the project was also accepted in the third reading.

In the project, the revenues of the 2023 state budget are 30 billion 773 million 978 thousand manats, and the expenses are 33 billion 353 million 278 thousand manats are expected. In 2023, the revenues of the state budget are predicted to be 5.3 percent higher than this year, and the expenditures are 3 percent higher.

In this year’s document (after the change), one barrel of oil is 85 USA dollar was taken. For the next year, that figure is 50 dollars has been determined.

Currently Azerbaijan 80 per barrel of oil dollars sold around

The amount of the living wage for next year is also reflected in the document. According to the adopted project, the minimum living wage for 2023 was set at 246 manats for the country, 261 manats for the working-age population, 199 manats for pensioners, and 220 manats for children. This year, this indicator was 210 manats for the country, 220 manats for the working-age population, 176 manats for pensioners, and 193 manats for children.

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Azerbaijan news

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