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The United States sends $275 million in military aid to Ukraine

USA 275 million dollars in addition to Ukraine military sends help.

This aid package includes a large amount of ammunition as well Russia includes high-tech systems that will ensure the detection and shooting of drones in the war.

Information about this to the Associated Press (AP) agency USA officials have given.

AP notes that the current aid is smaller in size than recent aid packages, but many official and military experts say that the fighting will subside in the winter months.

NATOgeneral secretary of Jens Stoltenberg said that it seems Russia in order to regroup their forces and launch new attacks when the weather warms up military has slightly reduced its activity.

The aid package includes 80,000 rounds of ammunition for howitzers and an undisclosed amount of ammunition for the HIMARS anti-aircraft missile system, officials said.

The aid package also includes anti-drone systems and weather There are anti-aircraft defenses, HUMVEE vehicles, generators and other combat equipment.

Both sides have increased the use of drones

This too news given that the use of drones on both sides is increasing and of Ukraine is in critical need of drone detection and neutralization systems.

Russia bought hundreds of drones from Iran last summer, and officials said Moscow intends to continue importing drones from Tehran.

Russian forces weather more civilian infrastructure with strikes and of Ukraine targets power plants and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are periodically left without electricity, heat and water.

Besides, in the depths of Russia, Ukraine 500 kilometers from the border of Russia’s two strategic military weather base was hit by drone strikes.

Ukraine did not take responsibility for these strikes.

Since the start of the war, including the last aid package USA Total to Ukraine 19.3 billion allocated military aid.

It is also noted that military aid to Ukraine the president It is signed by Joe Biden, and it allows the Pentagon to take weapons from the armory and send them to Kiev quickly.


Azerbaijan news

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