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How much do Zaur, Khoshkadam and Elgiz doctors advertise? – FANTASTIC PRICES |

One of the main functions of television is to educate. But, unfortunately, recently, the boundaries of education and cheap advertising have been confused on local TV channels. news shows that some “experts” and “specialists” are advertised in the author’s programs under the name of educating the population. This manipulative self-activity tells the viewer “medical “Educational program” shows more prominently.

If before TV channels various diseases, medical If issues were preparing more or less high-quality programs about existing problems in the field of health care, in recent times a completely different trend has been noticed: some doctors live broadcast or medical he is invited to programs with content, and the presenter is more busy with “groom compliments” than talking to the guest on a serious topic. The situation has reached such a level that already doctors they even entered the country’s most watched talk shows and popular shows.

For example, in the morning programs of television presenters Akbar, Elgiz, Tarikh Aliyev (Tolik), I’m happy Hidayatgizi and Zaur Bakhshaliyev’s talk shows doctors they sit for hours like experts. The real show started after these invitations became fashionable.

In these programs, presenters call doctors “the country’s number 1 doctor”, “the best surgeon”, “the best traumatologist”, “the most skilled gynecologist”, etc. as they present. In such programs, professional ethics and even the requirements of the law on advertising are seriously violated. information they are trying to steal… It is no secret that serious financial support is behind all this.

The situation has reached such a level that doctors in the country are unofficially divided into 2 categories: those who advertise strongly, and those who do their work with their heads down.

Of course, the number of patients of doctors advertised in shows and entertainment programs is also increasing. Doctors with superior ability and education do not participate in these advertising shows and are forced to settle for fewer patients. The harmful side of the issue is also that thanks to the TV presenters, the audience falls into the net of such “doctors” who have money but do not have enough skills. Even if the patients spend enough money, the treatments and operations performed by these doctors are often not successful, and even cost many of them the loss of their health.

The website advertises doctors in popular television programs prices conducted an investigation.

It turned out that in addition to TV channels’ advertising packages, TV presenters Zaur, I’m happy and doctors participating as guests in Elgiz’s program pay extra for the special presentation of the presenters.

So if the sponsor package 10 if it is 1,000 manats, the doctor pays an additional 3-5 thousand manats to sit in the live show and perform, and to be specially praised.

Special sponsor on TV channels prices is as follows.

The price of the corresponding service in Zaur Bakhshaliyev’s “Bizimlasan” program on ATV TV channel is 16-18 thousand manats without VAT. An additional fee may be required to attend Zaur Bakhshaliyev’s show in person. By the way, the presenter recently announced his wife and himself as “the most expensive advertising presenter in Azerbaijan”.

ATV’s “Peppermint” advertisement of doctors in the program costs 9-12 thousand manats excluding VAT.

on the ARB channel I’m happy Hidayatgyz’s “I’m looking for you” program sponsor price 17-20 is a thousand manats. A doctor who is not a special sponsor of the show (that is, does not pay 17,000 manats) is not advertised on a separate show. How much the doctor of Khoshkadam Hidayatgirl should pay for his personal presentation is kept a secret, it is determined only by the host himself.

The advertising package in “Elgizle Izle” program costs 8-9 thousand AZN. The doctor’s presentation as a guest on the show, sitting, speaking as an expert costs 5-6 thousand manats. This amount is determined by Elgiz himself and belongs to the host himself.

“Come with Hope” broadcast on Muz TVsponsor packages start from 5 thousand manats. It costs 3,000 to 3,500 manats for doctors to appear on air 1-2 times a week.

In the sponsor package, the advertisement of the doctor or clinic is shown in the form of a roll and is voiced by the presenter.

A few years ago, one of the doctors who participated in the program of Khoshgadam Hidayatgizi said that he paid extra money for every month:

“I paid a separate advertising package to the channel. I paid separately for the presentation of Khoshkadam Khanum on her show. Same time sick it’s been a long time, my room was full. The management of the private clinic saw this and allocated me a separate floor and increased the number of rooms. The clinic does not pay us for advertising. That year, I spent 35,000 on various programs on TV channels. I took out double that amount. But then the pandemic happened. Later, due to mandatory medical insurance, patients began to have the surgery I did with insurance. That is why sick the number dropped a lot. Now advertising on those shows prices got up”.

It is also reported that the admission prices of ophthalmologists, gynecologists, surgeons, traumatologists, pediatricians, stem cell specialists, as well as urologists and kidney doctors, who were presented as “the best” in the mentioned programs, increased after the advertisement.

Especially to the reception of those doctors from the regions sick flow is observed. Especially the representatives of the older generation ask their relatives to take them to the doctor advertised by Zaur, Khoshgadam and Elgiz.

Thus, the doctors advertised by the presenters outnumber their professional colleagues, and a queue of patients forms in front of their offices. Some doctors receive 50 patients a day and of course their income increases. They then release that revenue into the next, higher-volume ad cycle.

Let’s note one interesting nuance: the well-known ophthalmologist, professor Rasim During the interview with Hajiyev, we witnessed that one of those presenters brought his child to his reception for treatment. We even asked the doctor half-jokingly, half-seriously, “Why does the host bring his child to you, not to the advertised “number one eye doctor”? It is clear that TV presenters advertise their health and the health of their family members and advise the public trust they don’t.

Regarding the legality and medical ethics of advertising of doctors, we asked the opinion of well-known doctors.

“Being advertised like that is an insult to the name of the doctor”

Fair Geybulla, professor, medical expert:

“The form of advertising of doctors in Azerbaijan is a shame that has no analogues in the world. They pay so much money and appear on the air, and the presenters call them “doctor number 1”, “the best doctor”. For any doctor to agree to this presentation is an insult to his profession and colleagues. Those presenters will do anything for money. There is no word “shame” for them.

MEDICINEMinistry of Health, even Mandatory Medical insurance, Where is the Television and Radio Council looking? The doctor only and only in the media of medical profile about new treatments in his field information should give But appeals like “only go to this doctor, don’t go anywhere else, this is the best” are unacceptable on TV. This is a violation of the rights of other doctors and coercion medical insurance system is a blow to the country. I am against such things. I myself am far from advertising, from appearing on television with money. It is unacceptable to move to individual, corporate interests. This creates both moral and legal responsibility.”

“There is no concept of the number 1 doctor in the world, it is deceiving people”

Aydın Aliyev, doctor radiologist, Azerbaijan Deputy Chairman of the Public Union of Doctors:

“Undoubtedly, it is wrong for doctors to be advertised on the air for money, especially for such a high amount. A doctor’s light presentation can go. On the sites, social concrete information about himself, his work, etc. in his network. information can be disseminated. It is partly understandable that new doctors in particular do this. Good doctors don’t have time for that. People should know the doctor. It is a shame that the presenters of popular programs turn this issue into a show, call someone “number 1”, and the doctor pays for it. There is no concept of “doctor number 1” in the world. The presenters’ cheap show-like ideas such as “The patient was dying, he got an injection and he came back to life”, “There was no cure for so-and-so, this doctor found it” serve to deceive people. This is also due to the illiteracy of the doctor news gives

I 20 I have been in this field for more than a year, during these years I have seen that male and female doctors who decorate their room like a royal room, put certificates of all the courses they attended on the wall, are in salons and filming all day long, and those who love glory are always illiterate and incomplete people. Good doctors study, take care of patients, they don’t even have time to dress up, advertise, or go to salons. A doctor’s prescription is not required. Unfortunately, we have a problem in our society, people attach importance to such things, believe in expensive doctors and advertisements. He sells his cow and sheep and comes from the region to that doctor and expects a miracle. They spend their money right and left, but they don’t get treatment or get better. In general, cheap, show doctor, health care ads cancellation need to do. Deceiving people is a crime. As a doctor, I have never been exposed to such advertisements. I don’t even watch those shows. Medicine is a field of service, it should stand guard over people’s health. Those who want to become millionaires and celebrities can go and engage in show business.”

“The presenters have held a championship so they are talking about the number 1 doctor?”

Fuad Islamzade, deputy editor-in-chief of “Tibb” magazine:

In the context of economic competition and market relations, those who advertise and spread that advertisement among the population should not allow unfair competition and should not take steps that harm the interests of other people. According to the “Advertising” law, no type of product or service can be presented with words such as “best”, “number one in the country”, “highest quality”. Unfortunately, not enough attention is paid to this issue in our country, and we often come across such advertisements. Such defective advertisements are most often observed in advertisements related to the activities of doctors.

Medical activity can be advertised in 2 ways: 1) by advertising the scope of activity of medical centers. That is, advertising information is given about what types of medical assistance are available in the medical institution. 2) doctor mass information he talks about a certain medical problem in his means, and the listeners understand that the doctor is dealing with this problem and turn to him.

In Azerbaijan, private TV channels broadcast individual advertisements of various doctors or air them and praise them. It is very strange that doctors who advertise themselves in this way are often referred to as “the number one doctor in the country”, “Azerbaijan we hear expressions like “the best doctor”, “a doctor who has no equal in the country”. Such words can be attributed to a wrestler, a boxer, a chess player. TV presenters held a championship among doctors, so they are talking about the number one doctor? Let me also say that some of our doctors appear on television and present themselves with titles they do not have. For example, professor, academic, etc. I have no doubt that among our practicing doctors there can be, and even are, higher than professors in terms of professionalism. However, it is nothing but hypocrisy for any person to introduce himself to the people with titles that he does not have. I know a very talented doctor who received his medical education entirely in Turkey. I once jokingly told him, “What the hell, don’t you go on TV and say you’re an expert?” He answered me that there are those who present themselves as experts, and I am ashamed to look at them and say that they are experts.”

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