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Official response from Baku to the civilian mission of the European Union

Azerbaijan legitimate interests must be taken into account”

European Union the location of the mission in Armenia in the appropriate manner Azerbaijan taking into account its legitimate interests, as well as Brussels should ensure that the activities of this mission are carried out in a way that does not undermine mutual trust and confidence.”

This statement Azerbaijan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) European Union Regarding the Council’s decision to send a civilian mission to Armenia within the framework of the general security and defense policy done.

Azerbaijan The Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that such an activity, including the border delimitation process, which should be carried out on a purely bilateral basis Azerbaijan and Armenia remains firm that it should not be misused to undermine the normalization process between:

“Azerbaijani side, European Union he expects that maximum attention will be paid to drawing the necessary lessons from past experience in the process of discussions regarding the launch of the mission.

The Ministry reminds that the EU Armenia monitoring activity on the territory of Azerbaijan on October 6, 2022, Armenia, France It started with the deployment of the civilian monitoring mission based on the agreement reached at the Prague meeting between the leaders and the President of the EU Council:

“Azerbaijan agreed to the implementation of this activity, believing that it will help the normalization process. Despite the high-level agreement on the well-defined parameters and goals of the 2-month mission, after the biased approach of some of the member states of the organization, the activity of the monitoring mission was accompanied by serious contradictions with the agreements reached in Prague. This, in turn, affected the general confidence in the reliability and transparency of the decision-making process within the EU.

“Actually, the presence of the monitoring mission of the European Union in Armenia coincided with the increase of attempts by Armenia to disrupt the normalization process in all three directions, including the attack on the tripartite meeting of the leaders of Azerbaijan, Armenia and the EU Council with baseless accusations. Thus, initial expectations that the EU mission would contribute to advancing the normalization agenda were dashed. “Taking into account the EU’s interest in continuing its activities in Armenia after the end of its two-month civilian mission, Azerbaijan acted in good faith during the consultations with the EU, as well as clearly and transparently communicated its position, expectations and concerns to the other party,” the ministry said. added.

The existence of the institution’s mission in Armenia was discussed in a series of consultations held at various levels with representatives of the MFAflour He emphasized that Yerevan should not become an excuse for refusing to fulfill its obligations.

“The presence of the EU missionflour abuse of the current dialogue mechanisms is dangerous and should be avoided.”

European Union. Photo: artjazz/shutterstock

On January 23, the Council of the European Union adopted a decision to establish a civilian mission of the institution in Armenia within the framework of the common security and defense policy.
The aim of the mission was to serve stability in the border regions of Armenia.

On October 6, 2022 President Ilham Aliyev At the meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in Astana, he said that “Europe political in Prague within the framework of the new platform of the Union President of Francea four-way meeting was organized with the participation of the President of the Council of the European Union, the Prime Minister of Armenia and the President of Azerbaijan:

“As a result of several hours of negotiations at the meeting Armenia-Azerbaijan a decision was made to send a civilian mission of the European Union consisting of 40 people to the territory of Armenia near the border. Later it became known to us that their number will be 50 people. They will be there for at least 2 months. The purpose of this mission, as we have seen, is to assist the parties in drawing borders and defining issues related to delimitation. That’s why we agreed to it.”

I. Aliyev further noted that there were attempts to send this mission to the Azerbaijani side: “However, these attempts were firmly rejected by us. Therefore, the mission will be located on the territory of Armenia, in the area of ​​responsibility of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). Yesterday, the first group of European representatives went to Armenia to determine the placement of this mission.”

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