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Taylor Fatisoglu is accused of fraud this time

Released: 24 January 2023 14:04

Allegedly, he himself is the Public Prosecutor’s Officeflour He deceived the citizen by presenting himself as a press secretary

Past the president Ayaz Mutallibov’s press secretary, Taylor Ibrahimov (Fatishoglu), who was previously convicted several times, is again crime was involved in the responsibility. Taylor Fatisoglu, who was convicted of fraud before, is again accused of the same act. About him crime investigations were conducted in the Anti-Corruption Department. Currently, he is being tried in the Khatai District Court.

According to the information obtained by Meydan TV, this time Taylor Fatisoglu is accused of deceiving a resident of Agjabadi district by presenting himself as the press secretary of the General Prosecutor’s Office. According to the case materials, he is Elmaddin Alasgarov, who is in prison crime responsibility free by promising that he could help him, he deceived his father and seized 25,000 manats.

Taylor Fatisoglu. Photo: screenshot

Taylor Fatisoglu, who was charged with Article 178 (fraud) of the Criminal Code, is currently not in prison. A mandatory restraining order has been issued against him not to go anywhere else.

Taylor Ibrahimov 6 years ago at that time of Agdam district Mayor He was found guilty of committing fraud on behalf of Rakib Mammadov and brought to criminal responsibility. he Baku He was deprived of liberty for 4 years and 6 months by the verdict of the Court of Serious Crimes.

Taylor Fatisoglu’s name was mentioned in other scandalous cases before that.

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