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The Struggle for Freedom of Speech in Azerbaijan and the New “Media Law

Azerbaijan new “Media Law”u introduces new bans for the country’s media and journalists. Authorities say that its main purpose is to regulate and standardize media activities and ensure that media organizations operate according to ethical standards. They claim that the new law as well as publicpolitical aims to preserve objectivity and positive cultural values ​​in issues.

But many believe that these new rules are a pre-emptive strike against freedom of expression in the press. Respect for freedom of expression has not been a priority in Azerbaijan for a long time. In fact, many journalists and media representatives have talked about the stifling of freedom of speech in the country at different times.

Last years Azerbaijan There have been several disputes between the government and the real media regarding the fight for freedom of expression. These disputes include the arrest of journalists, the closure of media websites or blocking includes such despotic measures. Such events have prompted the media to regulate itself more.

New “Media Law“, the legal regulations applied by the media are aimed at stifling the media’s freedom of expression rather than meeting its needs. The most important feature of the law is regulating the activities of mass media in order to protect positive cultural values. It is public-political It is different from solving issues such as ensuring objectivity in issues or correct coverage of the news.

The new rules of the “Media Law” are stricter than the previous legislation. Media are required to register in a government-created registry database, and journalists are required to have credentials issued by the government. The law also restricts the media from publishing material promoting terrorism, extremism or separatism.

Impact on Media Bodies and Journalists

The new “Law on Media” has created a lot of problems for media organizations and journalists in Azerbaijan. Many have criticized the law as giving the government more control over the media and restricting freedom of expression.

Media outlets now have to follow strict rules, and any violation of these rules can result in fines or even suspension. The law also imposes strict rules on journalists, which some say could limit their ability to freely gather information.

In addition, the new rules have created confusion and uncertainty for many media outlets and journalists. They are unsure how the government will enforce the rules and what consequences they may face.

The result

The new “Media Law” in Azerbaijan may have been adopted for the purpose of media regulation and protection of positive cultural values. However, its strict rules have raised concerns about the impact on freedom of expression in the country. Media and journalists in Azerbaijan now face increased government scrutiny, uncertainty, and potential fines or suspensions. Thus, the need for a balance between regulation and freedom of speech in the country’s media is increasing.

Gurdganli, “24 hours

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