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The threat of a new escalation is very high indeed – #threat #escalation #high

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan in his “Twitter” microblog “Armenia and Azerbaijan A peace agreement based on official statements made at the highest level will be concluded between them,” he wrote.

“With Armenia Azerbaijan a peace treaty will be concluded between them and it will be based on official statements made at the highest level. There will be no new escalation! The international community should seriously support this,” he wrote.

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan USA of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken Azerbaijan and declared that he wanted to send this message to the international community immediately after his words that Armenia could soon reach a peace agreement: “There will be a peace agreement with Azerbaijan and it will be based on written documents obtained at the highest level so far.”

What is the sign of such a sudden insistence of Yerevan? maybe Armenia management is trying to prevent the new possible escalation that has been talked about more often lately? Maybe the Kremlin is preparing new bloody provocations to intensify the conflict between the Armenian and Azerbaijani peoples?

Gela Vasadze, leading expert of the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center (GSAC). Press Club notes that only he knows what the prime minister of Armenia means.

“The fact is that today the threat of a new escalation is very high indeed. It is clear that we have reached a certain point of diversification of conflicts in the region. Pay attention to yourself: Iran is close to creating a nuclear weapon, Israel will not allow it, elections are held in Turkey against the background of the latest tragedy, Ukraine Against the background of failures on the front, Russia is experiencing a systemic crisis and Ukraine There is nervous anticipation of a major attack by the Armed Forces. All these are relatively new challenges for regional players. At the same time, the old problems have not been solved.

All of these are the main world powers in the region – USA, European UnionChina and even India, whose geopolitical ambitions began to emerge in the South Caucasus, moved India.

In the background of all this, with Azerbaijan Armenia the conflict between could seem archaic. But if this very archaism was not the spark from which everything could ignite. USAThis explains the increasing activity of They understand all this both in Yerevan and Baku. But they understand things differently.

Now let’s see what a peace treaty means in the current situation. The peace agreement is the disarmament of the Armenian armed forces in Karabakh and the checkpoint in Lachin, the peace agreement Azerbaijan It is an obligation to protect and observe the rights of the Armenian population of Karabakh, the peace agreement is an opportunity to reduce tension, but not a guarantee. But there is less and less time left for its signing.

Yes, the United States is now doing everything to prevent escalation. But the question is different – Baku What will he get in return for refusing to use force until decisive events in the region? And what are Yerevan and Moscow ready to do to prevent this escalation? Does Moscow need this? And most importantly: Yerevan and Baku will they stop trying to play on the same team as Moscow against the enemy? After all, the devil’s sword is always longer,” the expert concluded.

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