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About the US and the “domino” scenario | – #domino #scenario

2023-03-26 09:37:36

“Even if things improve, there will be real and lasting economic impacts.”

USA Is it approaching a domino scenario?

At first, this question may seem strange or strange, but USAto look carefully at the interior of “The End of History” theorist Francis Fukuyamain his words USA not good” allows you to draw conclusions.

Political conflicts, financial crises and social riots USA is especially in this situation recently.

Winston ChurchillBritain Describing the state of his empire before sunset, he wrote:

Old the president Donald Trump This statement applies almost exclusively to the domestic situation of the United States and makes it 2024 the president to disqualify him from the election race crime he insists on opening his case.

This strange insistence, led by the American deep state, plunged the country into civil war, partisan and political is strong enough to put it in an environment of strife.

Are we exaggerating the implications of this latest federation-wide crisis?

It was obvious that the plan to try Trump with the classified documents story was not going to happen because the president Biden will also be on target.

Plus, Trump is better off than him, because at least since Trump was president, he’s been hiding documents he could have declassified.

Biden and he did not have the authority as Obama’s assistant.

That’s why star Stormi Daniels’ case was dropped from her petitions to stop Trump’s march to the White House once again.

Trump responded by threatening to appeal to his angry supporters.

In this final scene with Trump, we see a great uneasiness engulfing the domestic space of America, both Democrat and Republican, a rift that is so quickly deepening and turning into a fault.

It’s just that political or is not a matter of partisan competition, but rather a ruthless attempt to isolate and exclude by crooked means and social it is the fear of security and peace within it.

Before the announcement about whether or not Trump will be impeached, the evangelist Franklin Graham, the son of former White House preacher Billy Graham, appeared before the Americans.

He asked all Americans to pray and pray, support former President Trump and ask him to send mercy to the heavens.

Unbeknownst to many, this effort sparks a political struggle that will turn into a deadly internal fire.

Franklin represents the voice of a right-wing religious movement loyal to Trump and old or neoconservative groups.

Republicans and even Trump’s opponents like DeSantis now believe that Democrats have squandered federal funds on accusations that he is in deep debt and has no real transformative power for a country in deep crisis.

By insisting on blaming Trump, millions of Americans and millions of people in the country believe that leftists and extremists are gaining strength under the Democrats.

This is enough to break the first dominoes of political consensus. Like this “City on a Hill”Aimed at protecting the US, its leader and role model national the honorable element of competition will also disappear.

The second of the toppling American dominoes is one of the costs and consequences of an ugly epidemic, along with US foreign adventures and excessive imperial expansion. inflation and an economy suffering from recession.

of Ukraine Russia We are not talking about the price of the unimaginable support given to him in the war with 100 billion reached the dollar.

The economic turmoil did not (and probably will not) stop there, especially after the crisis of the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank and, as US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said, the possibility of contagion spreading to other banks.

In the latest World Economic Outlook report published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on January 30, the US 2020He predicted that the real growth of GDP, which was 2 percent in 2023, will decrease to 1.4 percent in 2023.

Translation“24 HOURS”

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