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North Macedonia gives Ukraine 12 combat helicopters – #North #Macedonia #Ukraine #combat #helicopters

At the time, those attack helicopters to North Macedonia Ukraine sold it

The General Staff of the Macedonian Armed Forces approved the delivery of 12 Mi-24 helicopters to Ukraine.

Defense Minister of North Macedonia Slavyanka Petrovskaya said this. According to him, the government will approve the decision on Wednesday.

According to the minister, the decision will not affect the combat effectiveness of the Macedonian army, as the country plans to buy new combat helicopters from the West.

In addition, most of the Mi-24s are no longer on combat duty.

Conversation of Ukraine 20 it is about Soviet-made helicopters that he sold to Macedonia a year ago.

Some of them are from Israel “Elbit Systems” modernized with the participation of the company and NATO adapted to interaction with forces.

According to the Minister of Defense, equipment Ukraine transferred at the request of the party. “this is Ukraine is a technique skillfully used by the army”Petrovskaya said.

In August 2022, North Macedonia to Ukraine 4 units Su-25 attack plane gave

Mi-24 helicopters were previously delivered to Ukraine, especially to the Czech Republic. Recently, Poland and Slovakia decided to send Soviet-made MiG-29 fighters to Kiev. It is reported that those warplanes and helicopters have not yet been delivered to Ukraine.

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