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Putin says tactical nuclear weapons will be deployed in Belarus… | – #Putin #tactical #nuclear #weapons #deployed #Belarus..

Russia Belarus will deploy tactical nuclear weapons. This Russia the president Vladimir Putin on March 25 “Russia-24” he said in an interview on the channel.

According to him, Alexander Lukashenko has been asking him to place these weapons in Belarus for a long time.

Putin said that the construction of the hangar for storing tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus should be completed by July 1. He said that the “Iskander” missile system, which can use tactical nuclear weapons, has already been delivered to Belarus.

Lukashenka previously declared that Belarus Military Weather A number of its aircraft have been re-equipped and are capable of carrying nuclear missiles. Putin and reminded that the number of such planes is ten.

Russia from what the president said, it turned out that the decision to place nuclear weapons in Belarus was made after Great Britain declared its intention to supply Ukraine with uranium missiles. But Russia itself does not consider such missiles as nuclear weapons. Putin himself said that Russia has “hundreds of thousands of such missiles”.

However, Moscow reacted extremely sharply to the British intention, accusing London of nuclear escalation and promising retaliatory measures.

From the same interview, it became clear that the missile system was transferred to Belarus before the British statement, as well as the aircraft was converted (About this earlier Lukashenko also spoke).

Also, the construction of a hangar to store tactical nuclear weapons began before the UK announced its intention.

According to Putin, Russia is not transferring its nuclear weapons to Belarus, but placing its own weapons on its territory. He did it USAa series of Europe compared with the deployment of nuclear weapons in their countries.

Considering the supply of arms and ammunition by Western countries to Ukraine as a threat to Russia, Putin called those countries “war instigators”.

The article mentions that in the autumn of 1952, in his last speech at the congress of the CPSU Stalin too USA described Western countries in this way.

According to Putin, Russia is ready to produce three times more ammunition than Ukraine and “The total number of tanks of the Russian army Armed Forces of Ukraine will be 3 times more than the number of tanks”.

At the same time, the Russian president said that increasing the production of weapons will not create any restrictions for the Russian economy.

There is no precise definition of tactical nuclear weapons – it is assumed that we are talking about nuclear weapons of lower yield and shorter range than strategic (intercontinental) nuclear weapons.

The official flight range of “Iskander” missiles is up to 500 km. This means that the missiles placed in Belarus can threaten the entire territory of Poland, and partially the neighboring countries.

Already in August of last year, Lukashenka spoke about the completion of the conversion of Belarusian aircraft into nuclear weapons carriers.

During the Soviet era, nuclear weapons were placed on the territory of Belarus. After the collapse of the USSR, these weapons were taken to Russia with the consent of the Belarusian authorities. Belarus joined the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons as a non-nuclear state.

Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022 and the war is still going on.

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