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They were in the historical city! It surprised those who saw it… More than 2 thousand | – #historical #city #surprised #it.. #thousand

In the temple built by Ramses II in Abydos, the historical capital of the Ancient Kingdom of Egypt (2686-218 BC) USA and new discoveries were made during the research conducted by Egyptian archaeologists. Sohac today.

In a written statement issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, as a result of the excavations in Egypt belonging to the Ptolemaic dynasty (332-30 BC) 20More than 00 mummified ram heads were found.

USA Samih Iskander, the head of the archaeological team, noted that such a large quantity of mummified ram heads suggests two possibilities: “They were used as votive offerings, or Ramses II continued to be consecrated for a thousand years after his death.”

Along with the find, a large building with a distinctive and unique architectural design from the sixth dynasty (2345-1821 BC) and parts of the northern wall surrounding the temple were also uncovered.


Egyptian Antiquities Ali General Secretary of the Council Mustafa Waziri emphasized that the discovery revealed important details about the history of the temple of Ramses II in Abydos.

Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities 2020He announced that bones and skeletons of other animals were found in this temple.



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Azerbaijan news

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