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Cash designated by the Japanese consular office in 2010 to Azerbaijani towns for supply of water was not invested as intended

Citizens assert that the funds designated by “Azersu” OJSC have actually been embezzled

Citizens of Bolludar town of Sheki say that they have troubles with alcohol consumption water. They informed Meydan television that they miss out on the supply of water, particularly in springtime and also summertime.

Presently, there are 130 residences in Bolludara town and also greater than 500 homeowners live there.

Till 1992, the water need of the town was drawn from Alijanchay, pumped right into storage tanks with unique pumps, and also dispersed to the towns of Bolludara and also Garatorpag.

Citizens claimed that later on those pumps damaged down and also water was pumped to this negotiation with various other pumps from the town of Sarija, situated 8.5 kilometres away. Later on, because that pipeline was captured and also came to be pointless, the homeowners needed to produce a water resource at a country mile from the town with the aid of unique devices.

Individuals of Bolludara utilize unique water-carrying lorries to fulfill their water requires. Absence of water triggers them to wait eligible days.

“The water need of the town is consulted with these equipments. Water is really little, nearly non-existent. We wait in line below for hrs. We can park the automobile below at 4 o’clock during the night and also obtain water at 10-11 o’clock in the early morning. Occasionally, the line goes for days,” the plaintiffs state.

As a result of the existing circumstance, it can be claimed that the majority of the homeowners in this town have a vehicle to bring water. Those that do not have such ways of transportation need to spend for water.

Rasim Hasan, a local of the surrounding town of Garatorpag, informed Meydan television that in 2010, the Japanese consular office designated funds for attracting alcohol consumption water to the towns of Garatorpag and also Bolludara, yet the funds were not invested as planned:

“The Japanese consular office has actually designated funds for the restoration of old pipelines, water pump,s and also storage space. After that they repainted over the old storage tank and also pipelines. Due to the fact that it was obstructed, they reduced the front of the pipeline from an area that cannot be seen from a specific range and also placed a momentary water pump to ensure that the water moves to the area. After that they collected individuals from 2 or 3 towns and also inaugurated it. The designated cash additionally disappeared. Therefore, the pipes that need to concern the towns of Bolludara and also Garatorpag has actually been existing open outside the town of Garatorpag for 6 years. “

Drinking water moving right into the open area in the town of Garatorpag. Picture: Meydan Television

“A couple of years later on, “Azersu” designated funds to the Sheki Water Canal Division for attracting water to our town. When the designers of “Azersu” attracted water to the Oguz area, they additionally attracted the towns of Garatorpag and also Bolludara to the exact same line. Yet it appears that the cash was embezzled. Therefore, greater than 500 lots of water, which need to have gotten to your homes, moves right into the ground daily. Individuals of Bolludara town additionally struggle with thirst. The job has actually been incomplete because 2015. They brought the pipelines below and also left them incomplete,” he claimed.

Meydan television attempted to discover the placement of the Sheki Area Exec Authority relating to the problem.

Agil Allahverdiyev, the aide to the executive head, claimed in the beginning that it is essential to call “Azersu” concerning this concern.

Later on, he claimed that the pertinent division is examining the concern. Nevertheless, he did not intend to speak about the information of the examination.

On the internet site of “Azersu” OJSC, it is reported that in 2013, a water line was built from the village of Beyuk Soyudlu of Oguz district to the nearby village of Garatorpag.

In the details, as an extension of the task, at the following phase, it is intended to construct a 7 kilometres long primary water line with polyethylene pipelines to Bolludara town of the area.

Nevertheless, regardless of this, Meydan television might not discover the placement of the organization relating to the destiny of the task.

In 2010, the Japanese consular office validated that they had actually executed the task.

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