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Azerbaijan’s next victory: The so-called regime accepted Baku’s conditions – COMMENTARY – News | Latest News | Latest News

In order to meet the needs of the Armenian residents of Karabakh, the simultaneous transportation of food by the vehicles of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) through the Lachin and Aghdam-Khankendi roads is already a reality.

“Report” informs that the illegal regime in Karabakh accepted the joint proposal of the Khankendi office of the ICRC and the command of the Russian peacekeepers.

This shows that they have finally accepted Azerbaijan’s conditions.

Although there was an agreement to open both the Lachin and Agdam-Khankendi roads simultaneously from September 1, the separatists deliberately delayed it for more than two weeks.

Although Azerbaijan has repeatedly declared that it is ready to permanently take over the security, health and provision of our Armenian citizens living in Karabakh, the so-called regime extended the process by relying on its patrons. However, after 16 days, Azerbaijan’s principled position and national interest were accepted against the wishes of the separatists and the powers and political circles acting as their patrons. States like the United States and Western political circles, which are trying to secure their interests in the region by using the separatists in Karabakh as a tool, are they at all embarrassed now?


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