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MFA: Azerbaijan is ready to organize parallel use of Aghdam-Khankendi and Lachin-Khankendi roads – News | Latest News | Latest News

The proposal to use the Lachin-Khankendi and Aghdam-Khankendi roads in parallel with Azerbaijan has been promoted by Azerbaijan for a long time and was widely discussed at various levels. Unfortunately, despite the agreements reached and the calls of international partners, Armenia and the so-called regime created by it in the Karabakh region prevented the organization of such a transition.

“Report” informs that the press secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Aykhan Hajizadeh, said this while answering the question of the press secretary Aykhan Hajizadeh about the simultaneous use of the Aghdam-Khankendi and Lachin-Khankendi roads.

Today, the ICRC appealed to the Azerbaijani side and gave preliminary information that the other side agreed to receive cargo from the Aghdam-Khankendi and Lachin-Khankendi roads in parallel on September 18. In the near future, the ICRC is expected to present an official note on this to the Azerbaijani side. As mentioned earlier, the Azerbaijani side is ready to organize the parallel use of Aghdam-Khankendi and Lachin-Khankendi roads in compliance with the requirements of our country’s legislation.


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