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PA official: The fate of 15 of the missing persons has been determined – News | Latest News | Latest News

“Determining the fate of some missing persons is an important event for us.”

“Report” informs that Habib Mikayilli, the sector head of the Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration, said this at a briefing dedicated to the problem of missing persons in Azerbaijan.

According to him, the fate of 15 people has been determined: “The determination of the fate of those persons shows the value given to the citizens of Azerbaijan.”

The official of the institution pointed out that even after the Patriotic War, Armenians do not cooperate with us regarding the missing persons: “They do not give us the coordinates of the mass graves. However, Armenian criminals have this information.”

According to H. Mikayilli, there can be no military reason for keeping the location of mass graves still secret. He stressed that the Armenian side exhibits a destructive position in this issue as well.


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