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“The US is trying to legalize the military junta in Karabakh” – OPINION – News | Latest News | Latest News

The USA ignores today’s realities and tries to legitimize the military junta in Karabakh with a serious effort.

“Report” informs that this was said by Khatira Valiyeva, the chairman of the “Khankendi” Forced IDPs Support Public Union.

He said that the United States, which challenges the world with its hegemony, regulates the Armenians with its tongs up and down with the “get up fati, sit fati” team:

“It is clear that only its own interests are at the basis of the policy pursued by the United States, and that hypocrisy, treachery and treachery have risen to the level of state policy. If it were not so, the representative of the US State Department, Yuri Kim, would not have talked about the non-existent “rights of the people of Nagorno-Karabakh” in his speech to the Congress. And again, opposing peace and tranquility, he directly supports the bloodshed and the implementation of terrorist acts in the territory of Azerbaijan!”

The expert recalled that in 1988, the residents of Khankendi, Khojaly, Khojavand, Shusha, Lachin, and Karabakh as a whole, who were forcibly displaced 3-4 times by Armenians and their patrons, did not receive either moral or material support from the United States of America, instead Millions of aid were given to the occupying Armenia.

“The United States, which destroyed Afghanistan, and then shamefully ran away and declared it a terrorist, and returned the Taliban, which it created, to power, demonstrates its true nature at every step by implementing these types of projects. During the 20-year occupation, the United States did not build a single road or school in Afghanistan. America, which “taught the world a lesson” about tolerance, remained silent when the wild Armenian tribe turned Karabakh into a “gray zone” and today, unable to tolerate the revival of Karabakh, it accepts biased statements. The roads being built in Karabakh, the schools being built, and the alleys being built are an arrow in America’s eyes!” – said Kh. Valiyeva.


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