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Within the framework of the Western Azerbaijan Chronicle project, a program called “Haqqikhli carpet with Goyturk inscription” was broadcasted by Dr.

“Report” informs that the program talks about the history, culture, crafts and everyday life of the village of Haqqikhli in the Garagoyunlu valley of Western Azerbaijan.

It is reported that Haqqikhli is a village where Azerbaijanis have always lived in the Ijevan (Karvansara) district of Armenia, on the left slope of the Aghstafa river valley, 12 km southwest of the district center. The Azerbaijani population was 463 in 1905 and 412 in 1931. The population was forcibly expelled from the village during the tragic events of 1988.

It is noted that the history of Haqqikhli, one of the settlements of the ancient Oghuz Turks, is still alive today in its toponyms, stone monuments, household and customs.

The program talks about Haqqikhli carpets, the clear conveying of meanings in fine handwork, and it is reported that Haqqikhli created its line as a carpet weaving station.

In the plot, the true meaning of the worm’s mouth on the Haqqikhli carpet, the worm’s habit of drinking water, the forty keys, the meaning of the moon and star signs, the meaning of the writing on the name and black holiday carpet, which is spread only on difficult days, as well as the difference between carpets woven for the dead, newborn, dowry and bridegroom is explained.

It should be noted that the reading of the inscription on the Haqqikhli carpet with the Goyturk mark is interesting: “Thus, when the arrow points up, it means a man, and when it looks down, it means a woman. What is written in the pattern on the carpet is a letter handed down from ancient times. When the carpet was not treated correctly, that family or person was cursed. The carpet with Tengrichilik symbols cannot be opened and spread, but must be kept folded.”

It should be noted that the goal of the Western Azerbaijan Chronicle project is to preserve and promote the name of our historical lands, as well as to find out about the deportation of Azerbaijanis by the Armenians, the toponyms that existed in those areas, but their names have been erased, countless examples of underground and surface material culture – ancient settlements, necropolises, barrows. , the remains of a castle, palace and fortification, caravansary, bridges, tomb chests, cross stones, horse and ram statues, temples, churches, mosques, pyres and hearths are revealed, and the facts confirming that the area is a pure Oghuz-Turk settlement are brought to the world community.

Also, what President Ilham Aliyev said about West Azerbaijan, “The map of the beginning of the 20th century shows once again that West Azerbaijan is the historical land of Azerbaijan, the names of cities and villages are of Azerbaijani origin, and we know very well that the Azerbaijani people have lived in the territory of today’s Armenia throughout history. Now the main task is to let the world community know about it”, he said, based on his opinion, he is promoting the tasks set forth in the Concept of Return prepared by the West Azerbaijan Community.

In addition, it is to illuminate the thoughts of historians and researchers about West Azerbaijan, the life story of people who were deported.

The program was broadcast on September 17 at 19:30 on the air of Baku TV and on the YouTube channel.


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