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AQTA found defects in “Pak Dad” cafe – News | Latest News | Latest News

On September 15, during the monitoring of 10 commercial establishments and 12 public catering establishments operating in the territory of the republic, defects were identified in a total of 8 establishments by the employees of the Agency. B informs that 1 regarding the absence of an extract of food safety registration in these establishments, 5 regarding the lack of initial and periodical medical examination of employees included in the mandatory group, 4 regarding the acceptance of animal products without a veterinary certificate or reference, 4 in Azerbaijani language 2 defects related to the sale of products without branding, 1 defect related to the non-compliance with the requirements for the open sale and packaging of food products were detected. Obligatory instructions have been issued regarding the elimination of the detected defects.

As a result of monitoring, the following enterprises were found to have deficiencies:

Azərbaycanca oxu:

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