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Azer Badamov: “The Law on Political Parties has paved the way for the improvement of the approach to parties” – News | Latest News | Latest News

“The adoption of the law on political parties has paved the way for the improvement of approaches to parties and the self-assertion of political forces that are the basis of society.”

Azer Badamov, a member of the Milli Majlis, expressed these views in his statement to “Report”.

According to him, in the first years of our independence, since the process of creating political parties was very primitive, everyone who wanted to create a party gathered his family members and friends and declared that he was in the political arena: “But after the adoption of the law on “Political Parties”, most of these parties have no social support. proved. “A meeting that does not have a social support and cannot gather a certain amount of people around beliefs cannot be called a political party.”

When the draft law “On Political Parties” was submitted for public discussion, the radical opposition and the circles that sat abroad and carried out the orders of our enemies voiced absurd ideas that the opposition would be banned in the country and power would be transferred to a one-party system. The draft law was discussed for a long time and all political parties as well as representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) participated in these discussions. After many interesting discussions, rational proposals were adopted and the result was an excellent new law. The main issue that scared the radical opposition in the law was the requirement of 5,000 members. In accordance with the new law, the applications of political parties were revised in the Ministry of Justice, and some parties were given time to make clarifications. As a result, 30 political parties were registered and they will be able to continue their political activities”, the deputy added.

According to A. Badamov, the new law “On Political Parties” was an important event in the life of political parties: “Because for many years those who presented themselves as political parties did not participate in any political processes and became rusty. The demand of 5,000 members seems to have moved the political parties and forced them to become active. I believe that organizations registered as political parties today will participate more closely in political processes in the future and will be distinguished by their active activities. This is also an opportunity for political parties to closely participate in the socio-political environment of the country. By approving the register of political parties, the government has, in fact, repeatedly demonstrated its commitment to political dialogue. Political dialogue further improves the political environment of the country and contributes to solving certain issues. The government always respects the constructive opinions of the opposition and responds in a timely manner to the resolution of certain issues raised by it. “Constructive opposition contributes to the development of society and the strengthening of the state.”

The deputy also said that the parties of the radical opposition, which were the most dissatisfied during the discussions of the law “On political parties”, were also registered: “If these parties slandered the government and claimed that the opposition was banned in the country during the discussions of the law, after registering the parties in the register, their votes they don’t come out and behave as if nothing happened. I consider this to be an indicator of hypocrisy and political lack of culture. They should apologize to the people for these slanders.”

According to A. Badamov, the new law “On Political Parties” establishes the existence of systemic relations in the system of political parties: “The new law defines democratic criteria for parties at the same time. Political parties should be engaged in political activities in accordance with these criteria and closely participate in the political processes in the country.”


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