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Detained PFLP members: the father was fined, the son was arrested – Heberler | Latest News | Latest News

“My sin was telling the truth and criticizing the executive head”

Fazail Aliyev, a member of the Kazakh branch of the Azerbaijan People’s Front Party (APCP), who was detained in the district police department a day ago, was fined and released on September 18, and an arrest warrant was issued for his son Farid Aliyev.

Fazail Aliyev himself informed about this.

He said that on September 17, he received a call from the police while he was in Kizigil in the village of Khanliguk, Gazakh district.

He was asked to come to the police station:

“It was about half past four, I took my grandchildren. They demanded to come or tell us the place, we are coming. They didn’t allow me, four people came, forced me into the car and took me away. At the police station, they attacked me and abused me. Then they went and brought my son from home.”

According to Fazail Aliyev, who said that he stayed in the temporary detention cell of the Gazakh District Police Department at night, on September 18 he was fined 200 manats and released.

About his son, they drew up a report under Article 206 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (illegal acquisition, transportation, storage of drugs in the amount of personal consumption) and brought him before the court.

Fazail Aliyev and his son Farid Aliyev. Source: Facebook

According to the information obtained by Meydan TV, the case of Farid Aliyev, born in 1988, was heard by judge Nemat Musayev at the Gazakh District Court.

He issued a 30-day administrative arrest warrant for Farid Aliyev.

The court decision stated that Farid Aliyev was detained on September 17 around 18:40.

The reason is that he found marijuana on the ground a few days ago and used it on September 13:

If my son was a drug user, why did they arrest him right after they took me away? Can it be such a fraud that we arrest him because he used drugs five days ago? I am 68 years old, a veteran of Karabakh. I have been suffering from cancer for a long time. What does it mean to be violent towards such a person? What hurts me is that in my country people are oppressed and maligned in this way.”

“Do you know what my sin means? To tell the truth… I criticized the head of the executive in my interview. I said that you have to pay a bribe for the work of an ordinary housekeeper, you must have one…” – Fazail Aliyev said.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs denied allegations of persecution against political activists.

It was reported that the punished persons were detained for specific violations of the law.

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