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Inspections were completed in Nakhchivan City Executive Authority, embezzlement of 5 million 311 thousand manats was detected – News | Latest News | Latest News

Inspections in Nakhchivan City Executive Authority have been completed.

The local bureau of “Report” informs that in accordance with the Work Plan of the Accounting Chamber of the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2023, an audit of the use of state funds was conducted for the Nakhchivan City Executive Authority and its subordinate organizations. The audit covered the years 2021-2022 and was carried out in the form of a compliance audit.

As a result of the control measure, the cases of excessive and illegal salary payment in the amount of 1,792,167 manats, documentation of the purchase of goods in the amount of 564,407 manats without goods, and cases of illegal demand of funds from citizens in the amount of 2,955,000 manats were determined.

The audit also revealed that the costs of street lighting in the subordinate bodies of the Executive Power were not carried out in accordance with the meter indicators, the actual volume of water sold to producers was significantly less than the official figure, goods were sold at high prices, state property was illegally used, and taxes due to the budget were not paid.

Taking into account the possible signs of criminality in the identified violations, it was decided to send relevant materials on the results of the audit to the law enforcement agencies.


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