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Brother: “There are still prohibitions on giving documents and literature”

It is reported that the delivery of documents and books to the imprisoned chairman of the Azerbaijan Democracy and Welfare Party, professor Gubad Ibadoglu, is prohibited.

His brother Galib Bayramov informed Meydan TV about this.

His brother says that the European Court of Human Rights sent 4 questions to the government of Azerbaijan in the case of Gubad Ibadoglu:

The government also answered those questions. The court also sent the government’s answers to Gubad Ibadoglu’s lawyers so that they could be informed.”

Of course, Mr. Gubad also has the right to know those answers. That’s why when I went to the detention center, I printed those answers and took them with me so that he could read them and familiarize himself with them. But they didn’t let go. In general, there are still prohibitions on providing documents and literature.” – Galib Bayramov said.

He added that letters sent by mail are not delivered.

On August 15, both Galib Bayramov and his mother sent letters to the Baku Detention Center located in Kurdakhani settlement, Sabunchu district of Baku.

According to him, although the letters reached the detention center, they were not given to Gubad Ibadoglu.

“The documents show that my letter arrived at the detention center on August 30, and my mother’s letter on September 7. But till today the letters have not been given to my brother. Not only our letters, but many wrote letters to my brother. Dozens of letters were sent to the detention center in August.”

According to Galib Bayramov, the staff of the International Committee of the Red Cross Azerbaijan Representation are not being created to meet with Gubad Ibadoglu:

“During the 57 days Gubad Ibadoglu was in prison, the Azerbaijani representative of the International Red Cross could not visit him, fully familiarize himself with the results of the examination and analysis, and check the conditions of his detention on the spot. For 57 days, the Penitentiary Service has been trying not to let the Red Cross meet Mr. Gubad…”.

Galib Bayramov. Photo: “”

It was not possible to learn from the Penitentiary Service about the allegations regarding the prohibitions on the delivery of documents or the obstruction of the meeting of the representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

At the same time, Gubad Ibadoglu, an employee of the London School of Economics, was detained on July 23 and charged with Article 204.3.1 of the Criminal Code (when the production, acquisition or sale of counterfeit money or securities is committed by an organized group).

The next day, Narimanov District Court ordered a preventive measure of 3 months and 26 days of detention for the preliminary investigation period.

The chairman of ADR is accused of conspiracy with four other people.

Their names were announced for the first time on July 23 in the Turkish media.

These four people, who are presented as persons related to FETÖ (Fethullah Gülen Terrorist Organization), have been charged with the same charge as Gubad Ibadoğlu – Article 204.3.1 of the Criminal Code.

The four persons in question are Doyrush Jafarov, Gumrah Abdurakhmanov, Ruslan Aliyev and Anar Aliyev.

After the detention of Gubad Ibadoglu, it was claimed that Anar Aliyev mentioned his name in his statement. But Gubad Ibadoglu said that he did not know this person in general.

On the day Gubad Ibadoglu was detained, 40,000 dollars was found in the office, and it is claimed that part of it was fake.

However, the chairman of ADR said that this money has nothing to do with him.

On August 25, a new charge was announced against him under Article 167-3.1 (Preparation, storage, distribution of religious extremist materials) of the Criminal Code.

Gubad Ibadoglu said that this accusation was also absurd and refused to testify as a sign of protest.

On the day of his arrest, Gubad Ibadoglu said that he was arrested on the order of President Ilham Aliyev when he was taken out of the place after the search.

In addition, on August 6, Fazil Gasimov, an Azerbaijani scientist living in Turkey and working at a university there, was detained and brought to Azerbaijan.

On August 8, by the decision of the Narimanov District Court, a pretrial detention measure was chosen for him.

He was also charged with the same article.

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