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The Civil Contract Party collected 32.57 percent of the votes

The preliminary results of the mayoral elections held in Armenia on September 17 have been announced.

The Central Election Commission of Armenia concluded the counting of votes in 475 polling stations:

5 political forces have passed the entry barrier provided for in the election: Citizen Agreement, National Progress, Alliance of Mother Armenia, Voice of Society and Republican parties.

The CEC said that the Civil Contract Party, chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, received more votes than its competitors.

“Civil Agreement Party collected 32.57 percent of voters’ votes. The National Progressive Party of the former mayor of Yerevan Hayk Marutyan, which has collected 18.89 percent of the votes so far, took the second place, and the “Mother Armenia” bloc took the third place with 15.43 percent of the votes. The Republican Party won 11.32 percent of the votes, and the People’s Voice Party won 9.68 percent.”

“Armenpress” writes that none of the political forces that passed the entry barrier managed to collect more than 50 percent of votes:

“This means that no force can elect a mayor alone, coalitions will be required to elect the mayor.”

It is reported that 824 thousand 250 citizens were registered in the voter list of the Yerevan community, 234 thousand 553 citizens or 28.46 percent of citizens with the right to vote participated in voting. did.

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