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The names of 10 more people who went missing in the First Karabakh War and whose identities have been determined have been announced.

According to “Report”, Ismail Akhundov, the head of the working group of the State Commission on Prisoners and Missing and Hostaged Citizens, listed their names during his speech at the international conference on “Increasing national and international efforts to clarify the fate of missing persons”.

9 of them are military personnel, and 1 is a civilian.

Those persons are the following:

Son of Tahirov Seyfulla Veitulla

Atamoglanov Abulfat Sabir oghlu

Hajiyev Tahsil Fikram oghlu

Asadov Vugar Habil oghlu

Babashov Ahmad Tahir oglu

Khalafov Jahangir Mami oglu

Nagiyev Jahid Shafa oglu

Mammadov Elmar Inqilab oglu

Gasimov Veysel Gasim oghlu

Riad Ahmadov Fikret oglu

According to I.Akhundov, in total, 10,800 biological samples from the family members of about 3,500 victims were collected and handed over as usual: “The genetic profiles of each of the collected biological samples were extracted and archived in the newly created genetic laboratory at the military hospital of the State Security Service over the past years. The work of taking biological samples for families that were left out of the project for certain reasons is continued by the relevant institution that carries out molecular genetic analyzes of the corpses of persons missing in connection with the armed conflict, as defined by the legislation. It was possible to identify 25 people by our experts. 15 of them have already been informed. We disclosed the information about 10 more people today.”


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