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Today, the next program within the framework of the West Azerbaijan Chronicle project went on air.

“Report” informs that journalist Rufik Ismayilov’s interviewer this time is MP of the Milli Majlis, deputy chairman of the West Azerbaijan Community Ramil Hasan. has been

He talked about the Gafan region where he was born and grew up, the villages where he wandered with his grandfather, hunting, his school years, and his childhood memories of Western Azerbaijan. He said that the years he lived in Gafan district, the way of life there is still alive in front of his eyes and those memories have left indelible traces in his life.

Speaking about the genocide and deportation policy of Armenians against Azerbaijanis, R. Hasan emphasized that their family, as well as the majority of Azerbaijanis living in Gafan, could neither change their homes nor take their belongings because they were evicted: “They allocated one truck to every 4-5 families to carry and leave here. Family members also fit in that truck. It was not possible to take anything except the necessary small things. Because there was no place to place. Our house and belongings remained there. Thus, I experienced this refugee as a child. Because we were evicted, we could neither move house nor bring all our belongings with us. Arriving safely in Azerbaijan was considered a success at that time. Because bearded Armenians, gangs of robbers set up ambushes, blocked the migration caravan of Azerbaijanis, and killed them.”

The deputy of the Milli Majlis said that it is necessary to study, research and convey the history of Western Azerbaijan to the future generations. He also touched on the activities of the West Azerbaijan Community and issues arising from the Concept of Return. He said that the aim and goal of the Azerbaijanis gathered around the Community is to return to their ancestral lands in a peaceful and safe manner without guns or guns. According to him, current Armenia should ensure the violated rights of millions of residents of West Azerbaijan. Recalling that Azerbaijan appointed a representative to negotiate with the Armenian community in Karabakh, R. Hasan emphasized that Armenia should appoint a representative to negotiate with the West Azerbaijani Community in the same manner. Discussing the views expressed by the President of Azerbaijan, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Ilham Aliyev, regarding the return to our historical lands, the deputy noted that thanks to the determination and principled position of the head of state, the West Azerbaijani Turks will definitely return to Zangezur, Yerevan, Goyche and other areas.

It should be noted that the goal of the Western Azerbaijan Chronicle project is to preserve and promote the name of our historical lands, as well as to find out about the deportation of Azerbaijanis by the Armenians, the toponyms that existed in those areas, but their names have been erased, countless examples of underground and surface material culture – ancient settlements, necropolises, barrows. , the remains of a castle, palace and fortification, caravansary, bridges, tomb chests, cross stones, horse and ram statues, temples, churches, mosques, pyres and hearths are revealed, and the facts confirming that the area is a pure Oghuz-Turk settlement are brought to the world community.

Also, what President Ilham Aliyev said about West Azerbaijan, “The map of the beginning of the 20th century shows once again that West Azerbaijan is the historical land of Azerbaijan, the names of cities and villages are of Azerbaijani origin, and we know very well that the Azerbaijani people have lived in the territory of today’s Armenia throughout history. Now the main task is that the world community also knows about it”, – based on his opinion, he is promoting the tasks arising from the Concept of Return prepared by the West Azerbaijan Community.

In addition, it is to illuminate the thoughts of historians and researchers about West Azerbaijan, the life story of people who were deported.

The program was broadcast on September 18 at 19:30 on the air of Baku TV and on the YouTube channel.


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