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Member of the Azerbaijan People’s Front Party (APFP). Fazail Aliyev He says that he was fined 200 manats. According to F. Aliyev, on September 17, he received a call from the police department of the Gazakh district where he lives, and he was called to the department: “They said that the deputy chief wants to see me. I asked them to send a formal summons. After some time, when I left the house, they caught me and forcibly put me in a car and took me to the department.”

He emphasized that a few days ago he gave an interview about the occupied villages of Gazakh region: “I am a resident of one of these villages. The police told me, why are you talking about this? Five or six people fell on me and started hitting me. Now I have pains in my arms, chest, and head.”

According to F. Aliyev, a protocol was drawn up on him with Articles 510 (Minor hooliganism) and 535 (Deliberate disobedience of a police officer or military serviceman) of the Code of Administrative Offenses: “They took him to court and fined him 200 manats for nothing. I asked for a medical examination in court, but they did not provide it. I myself am a veteran of the Karabakh war, I have serious health problems, but they did not look at anything.”

He noted that his son Farid Aliyev was arrested for 30 days under Article 206 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (Illegal consumption of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, preparation, acquisition, storage, transportation or sending of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances in quantities for personal consumption without the purpose of sale): “My son was arrested because of me. If my son was an addict, why didn’t you catch him earlier? The day they arrested me, they also arrested him.”

According to Jabhachi, the owner of a teahouse in the district was also fined for the interview: “But there were mistakes. There was no interview in that tea house. They just thought they were there and fined the owner of the teahouse under another pretext.”

It was not possible to get an opinion on this from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Gazakh District Court. But Azerbaijani officials, as a rule, say that no one is persecuted in the country for their peaceful professional and political activities.

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