How Azerbaijan’s new media law aims to restrict independent journalism

Loading... What restrictions will the new media law place on journalists in Azerbaijan? On 30 December 2021, a new media…

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Open Budget Index: Azerbaijan ranks 44th out of 120 countries

Loading... Published: 1 June 2022 15:48 On May 31, the International Budget Partnership released its 2021 Open Budget Index. Countries are…

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Amnesty Act grants pardon to generals involved in former ministry scandal

Loading... Published: 31 May 2022 14:36 Every year on the occasion of the Independence Day in Azerbaijan, May 28th, President…

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Friday Wrap-up: another meeting in Brussels, change in posts and a possible referendum

Loading... Published: 27 May 2022 16:04 The week of May 23-27 saw leaders from Azerbaijan and Armenia meeting with the…

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Activist arrested in connection with Saleh Rustamov’s case is released

Loading... Published: 25 May 2022 17:44 The political activist served his detention time. Arrested member of the Popular Front Party…

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Detained Azerbaijani Muslim Union Movement’s members allege torture; Interior Ministry denies

Loading... Published: 24 May 2022 16:18 Razi Humbatov, a member of the Muslim Union Movement, was sentenced to six years…

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Friday Wrap-up: one Azerbaijani journalist threaten, another one wanted by Russia and a supermarket chain fined

Loading... Published: 13 May 2022 16:28 The week of May 9-13 saw journalist Ayten Mammadova threatened by a man with a…

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“We should not be ashamed of our body”

Loading... Published: 12 May 2022 18:03 What is it like to be a person with a disability in Azerbaijan? Murad…

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Journalist Ayten Mammadova threatened in her apartment building

Loading... Published: 10 May 2022 13:54 Azerbaijani journalist Ayten Mammadova was threatened at knifepoint earlier this week in her apartment…

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Azerbaijani journalist threatened at knifepoint

Loading... Published: 9 May 2022 21:08 Journalist Ayten Mammadova was threatened at knifepoint last night in her apartment building while…

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