ReAl Party’s Mammadov and Jafarov acquitted of criminal charges


The Azerbaijan Supreme Court has acquitted the chairman of the ReAl Party Ilgar Mammadov and the party’s board member, human rights activist Rasul Jafarov in their criminal cases.

Their convictions by local courts, which were then upheld by higher courts, have been overturned.

According to the decision on 23 April, the Azerbaijani government is obligated to compensate Mammadov with 234,000 AZN (137,647 USD) and Jafarov with 57,400 AZN (33,765 USD) for their illegal and unjustified detention.

Mammadov and Jafarov were convicted in separate court cases. Mammadov was arrested in connection with the Ismayilli events in February 2013 while Jafarov was arrested as part of the crackdown on independent civil society in the country in 2014.

Many, including Mammadov, consider the new court decision the beginning of a new and important stage in the judicial history of Azerbaijan.


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