Journalists imprisoned in Azerbaijan in 2024

The imprisonment of journalists in Azerbaijan in 2024 is a concerning democratic problem.

The arrest of journalists such as Əvəz Zeynallı (Avez Zeynalli), Elnur Shukurov (Elnur Şükürov), Camil Mammadli (Cəmil Məmmədli), Ülvi Həsənli (Ulvi Hasanli), Sevinc Vaqifqızı (Sevinc Vaqifqizi), Məhəmməd Kekalov (Mehemmed Kekalov), Nərgiz Absalamova (Nargiz Absalamova), Hafiz Babalı (Hafiz Babali), Elnarə Qasımova (Elnara Gasimova), Shahin Rzayev and Teymur Kərimov (Teymur Kerimov) raises serious concerns about freedom of expression and the state of the media in the country.

The relentless repression against the press in Azerbaijan severely restricts the media environment in the country and hinders journalists from performing their professional duties freely and safely.

Most of these imprisoned journalists were detained for shedding light on illegal actions of state officials, corruption, human rights violations, and other issues of public interest. This reflects the government’s harsh stance against criticism and independent journalism.

These arrests cast a shadow on the state of democratic values and human rights in Azerbaijan and are condemned by the international community. International organizations, human rights defenders, and governments of various countries are calling on the Azerbaijani government to protect press freedom and release the imprisoned journalists.

The state of the press in Azerbaijan is considered a serious test for the country’s democratic development. Press freedom is one of the fundamental pillars of any democratic society, and restricting this freedom means violating the freedom of speech and thought. The situation of the imprisoned journalists is a concerning indicator of the state of the press in Azerbaijan, and it is crucial to take active measures at both the local and international levels to improve this situation.

The journalists imprisoned in Azerbaijan in 2024 are:

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