Azerbaijan’s quarantine is the best option: French expert

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Azerbaijan reported its first coronavirus case in February. After that, the government began to respond appropriately to curb the spread of the infection across the country, head of the Center for Strategic Analysis and Geopolitical Studies in Paris, Naim Asas told Report.

According to him, Azerbaijan has achieved a significant decrease in the number of coronavirus victims.

“Compared to other countries, Azerbaijan has successfully fought against coronavirus. So far, over 293,000 people have died from the virus globally, and Azerbaijan only reported 33 deaths. To date, the country has conducted more than 200,000 coronavirus tests. France is still facing a shortage of medical masks. In addition to the effective domestic measures, Azerbaijan is actively involved in the fight against coronavirus in the world. The $10 million assistance of Azerbaijan to the World Health Organization (WHO), its aid to China, Iran – is a humanistic step,” said the French expert.

“Azerbaijan should continue its efforts because of the situation in the region. Compared to Western Europe, as well as France, Italy, the rate of the virus spread in the region where Azerbaijan is located is slower. However, tens of thousands of people are diagnosed with the coronavirus in Russia every day. The virus is still active in Iran. Today the situation in neighboring countries is not satisfactory”.

According to the French expert, if the quarantine restrictions were not partially relaxed, economical, social, and psychological problems would have arisen, which is more dangerous than the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As long as the infection exists both within and beyond the country, keeping the borders closed is inevitable. Although it is possible to keep schools, universities, cinemas, and other public places closed, the continuation of the lockdown can ruin the economy. Therefore, the quarantine regime applied by Azerbaijan is still the best option,” he said.

So far, Azerbaijan has 2,693 confirmed cases. As many as 1,735 people have recovered from the infection.

The country has extended the nationwide quarantine until May 31. However, the government eased the restrictions on some fields, opening shoes, clothing, electronics and home appliances stores, and many others, except those in shopping centers and malls.


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