What exponents displayed in Azerbaijan’s first railway museum? – VIDEO


The world has been marking May 18 as the International Museums Day since 1977. The goal is to show how museums are essential for society.

Report has explored Azerbaijan Railway Museum recently. Such a museum has been established in Azerbaijan for the first time, and it will be diverting for those showing interest in railway transport.

History of Azerbaijan Railway Museum

On July 26, 1926, the first electric trains moved to Sabunchu and Surakhani districts of Baku. Upon President Ilham Aliyev‘s order dated January 22, 2018, the Baku-Sabunchu passenger railway was reconstructed. Sabunchu Railway station was rebuilt, and Azerbaijan Railway Museum was created in that historic building.

What does the Museum offer the visitors?

The Museum has three exhibition halls. In the first hall, there are exhibited photo and video materials, exciting exponents, railway, and train models reflecting the railway’s history in the 19th century. The second entry shows the development process of the railway during the 20th century. The third hall presents models of railway trains and mockup passengers belonging to different periods.

The Museum provides information about the role of the railway in the WW1 and WW2.

Access to the train in the hall was closed with glass. The restored model of the famous railway line is visible behind the lens. The gallery has two mockups and two movie halls about the railway: one of them demonstrates feature film, the other – documentary films.

There is also a souvenir shop in the Museum. The historical map of the Transcaucasian railway is one of the rare exponents of the Museum. The main hall of the Museum demonstrates the uniforms of railwaymen from 1885 to 1964. 


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