Azerbaijani student to be hospitalized at airport


Among our compatriots to be evacuated from Turkey to Azerbaijan today is a student in need of surgery. Education Advisor of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Turkey Najiba Nasibova told the local Bureau of Report.

According to her, Mahi Ilyasli, who study physiotherapy at Pamukkale University in Denizli, Turkey, was diagnosed with valvular heart disease.

“Mahi Ilyasli appealed to me with a request to facilitate his return to the Motherland in connection with the need for surgical intervention. Of course, we poured all our efforts to send our students to Azerbaijan. I informed our embassy, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, and the Ministry of Education about the situation. In turn, they rendered full support for our students to arrive at Homeland. Therefore, the student will be taken directly to the hospital from the airport. I hope he will soon recover and continue his education.”

Notably, Azerbaijan Airlines will operate the next charter flight from Turkey to bring 174 more stranded citizens home.


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