Pashinyan’s involvement in int’ l arms trafficking: Facts revealed


Armenia resells the weapons purchased from Russia to a third country and is engaged in the international arms trade’s black market.

Mikayel Minasyan, former Ambassador of Armenia to the Vatican, the son-in-law of former Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, made the remarks in a video message “The End of Lie,” Report says citing Aysor.am.

According to him, Arshak Karapetyan, former head of the Chief Military Intelligence Department of Armenia’s Armed Forces, an incumbent adviser to the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, was secretly sent to Russia on May 23 to negotiate with the officials of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

He stressed that he could not speak openly and be cautious when taking into consideration the country’s security issues.

“After cigarettes and diamonds, Nikol Pashinyan has engaged Armenia in the black market of the international arms trade. Armenia has a right to buy arms from Russia at Russian domestic cost. Armenian and Russian armies may buy from Russian manufacturers the weapons and ammunition with the same price and these prices differ from the international ones up to by 65%,” said the former ambassador.

“Pashinyan authorized Davit Galstyan via Defense Ministry and gave him the privilege to order on behalf of Armenia, let’s say, 100 units of weapons. Afterward, Armenia bought from Davit Galstyan’s offshore, let’s say 60 of these 100 types. He paid for these 60, and these 60 came to Armenia. Everything is normal by papers with only one exception the 40, ordered in the very beginning but not paid for, were sent from Russia to third countries with which Davit Galstyan already had an arrangement. For instance, the United Arab Emirates. From a third country, the weapons appeared in a fourth country,” Minasyan said.

The ex-ambassador said that for not ruining the relations with Armenia, Russia “decided to punish the Mafiosi in their way. They declared Davit Galstyan persona non grata and banned his entrance to Russia for ten years, depriving Armenia’s monopolist of an opportunity to buy weapons from the Russian Federation.”


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