Armenians fire at Azerbaijani positions 29 times

Military units of the armed forces of Armenia violated ceasefire 29 times throughout the day in various directions of the front, using large-caliber weapons, Report says citing the Defense Ministry.

Armenian armed forces, located on nameless hills in Chambarak region, fired at the Azerbaijani positions in Zamanli village and on unnamed highlands in Gadabay region.

The hostile party also shot at the Azerbaijani army positions from their posts near the occupied Chilaburt village of Terter region, Novruzlu, Marzili villages of Aghdam region, Ashaghy Veysalli, Garakhanbayli, Ashaghy Seyidahmadli, Gorgan, Horadiz villages of Fuzuli region, Nuzgar village of Jabrayil region, as well as from the positions located on unknown uplands in Aghdam region.

The Azerbaijani units suppressed the enemy with retaliation fire and gained full control over the operational situation.

Armenian has occupied 20 percent of Azerbaijan, including the Nagorno-Karabakh region and seven surrounding districts. Despite the 1994 ceasefire agreement, it fails to comply with the truce and implement four UN Security Council resolutions on the withdrawal of its armed forces from Nagorno Karabakh and the surrounding districts.


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