How many Azerbaijani servicemen are vaccinated against COVID?

Approximately 9,000 servicemen of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces have been vaccinated against COVID-19, Report informs, citing the country’s Defense Ministry.

The immunization against the deadly virus has been carried out in corresponding military infirmaries.

“According to the Defense Minister’s order, during the pandemic, the Azerbaijani Army is taking appropriate measures to protect the health of personnel and ensure complete safety from COVID-19.

The Main Medical Department of the Ministry of Defense continually monitors preventive measures carried out in military units.

The vaccination to protect the health of service members started on February 16.

The vaccination of the military units’ personnel in the Baku garrison is carried out in the Armed Forces Main Clinical Hospital. The military personnel of the military units deployed in the territories liberated from the occupation are immunized in the corresponding army medical institutions.

To date, about 9,000 service members have been vaccinated against COVID-19,” the ministry said.


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