Turkey announces three-day lockdown | Report.az

Turkish authorities are imposing an all-day curfew from Friday to Sunday amid the growing spread of coronavirus in the country, Report informs with reference to the Turkish Interior Ministry.

Last Friday, the daily increase in Turkey’s coronavirus incidence reached the maximum since the beginning of the pandemic, amounting to 63,082 cases. On Wednesday, 346 COVID-related deaths were registered, which was also a record hike.

“Because April 23 is a public holiday – the Day of National Independence and Children, this week the restriction on going out will begin at 19.00 on April 22 and will end at 05.00 on April 26, reads the ministry’s statement.

During the curfew, Turkish citizens can only leave their homes to visit a doctor, go to grocery stores and pharmacies from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, and walk their dogs.


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