Azerbaijan Embassy in Ukraine commemorates Oleg Babak killed by Armenians in Gubadli

The Azerbaijani Embassy in Ukraine commemorated the memory of the last Hero of the Soviet Union, Oleg Babak. He died fighting Armenian terrorists in the First Karabakh War in the village of Victoria, Poltava region.

According to the Eastern European bureau of Report, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Ukraine Elmira Akhundova, diplomats of the embassy, military attaché of Azerbaijan, colonel-lieutenant Ilgar Agayev, Oleg Babak’s father Yakob Babak and mother Nadezhda Babak, relatives, residents, Poltava region Priyatin district officials, and Poltava city Administration officials attended the event.

Ambassador Akhundova, diplomats of the embassy, employees of the military attache’s office first visited the house where Babak lived. The parents of the Hero stressed that the Azerbaijani state has always been closely interested in their problems.


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