BNA: Express buses to transport Turkey-Wales match fans

According to the transport plan prepared in connection with the UEFA European Football Championship Baku 2020, express buses will transport fans who bought tickets for the Turkey-Wales match, the Baku Transport Agency (BNA) told Report.

In accordance with the plan, the X-1 line buses will depart from the Sevinc cinema near the Gara Garayev metro station, and the X-2 line buses – from the Samad Vurgun park near the 28 May metro station (Dilyara Aliyeva street). Buses will leave 3 hours before the start of the game and complete transportation no later than 30 minutes before the beginning of the game. Since the game starts at 20:00 (GMT+4) on June 16, transportation will begin at 17:00 on that day. After the end of the game, the express line buses will carry out transportation in the opposite direction. The number of buses on both lines will be adjusted according to demand. If necessary, reserve buses will be involved. The ride is free of charge.

International fans will also be transported by express buses. Foreign fans of Wales will be transported by P21 buses from Deniz Mall (Halil Rza Uluturk Street) and vice versa.

The fans of the Turkish team will be transported by P22 express buses. Buses were launched from the public transport terminal of the Baku Olympic Stadium to the White City and in the opposite direction.

Buses P21 and P22 are only intended for transporting fans from abroad.


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