BioNTech cofounder says children can be vaccinated this year 

“People with a weak immunity system must receive the third dose of vaccine,” Uğur Şahin, CEO and cofounder BioNTech, said in an interview with one of the German newspapers, Report informs, citing Haber Global.

Touching upon the vaccination of children aged 5-11, he said that children can be vaccinated this year: “All research in this area has yielded positive results, and if the relevant authorities agree, this issue most likely will have found its solution this year. We will be able to get results from the information we will provide to officials in Europe and the United States by the end of September.”

Uğur Şahin also noted that the Delta strain is currently causing an increase in the number of infections in Germany: “The increase in the number of infections in the autumn is inevitable. Unfortunately, the percentage of infection is very high. Even if 70-80% of the population is vaccinated, we cannot prevent an increase in infections without additional protection because 20% is not vaccinated. Strict measures are needed to prevent the situation, especially indoors.”


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