Azerbaijan’s securities market grows by 39%


In January-September this year, transactions worth AZN 12,701,300,000 (38.8% more than last year) were carried out in the securities market of Azerbaijan.

According to the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, AZN 6,261,700,000 of the 9-month indicator formed in the primary market (about 9.4% more) and AZN 6,439,600,000 – in the secondary market (88.2% more).

Some 8,921 (2.1 times more than 2020) deals were concluded in the securities market during the reporting period. Thus, 1,410 fell to the primary market (42.7% more) and 7,511 – to the secondary market (2.3 times more).

In January-September, AZN 6,208,400,000 or 48.9% of transactions in the securities market of Azerbaijan were related to government securities, AZN 1,081,700,000 or 8.5% – corporate securities, and AZN 5,411,200,000 or 42.6% – repo transactions.

This is 9.7% more, 48.8% less, and 3.9 times more, respectively, than a year ago.


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