MP: Iran fails to scare Azerbaijan with threats and military drills


“Recent positive trends in the Iranian-Azerbaijani relations show that Azerbaijan is the right side. No country will be allowed to violate Azerbaijan’s sovereign rights and territorial integrity. This position has been repeatedly stated at the highest level. Azerbaijan has once again demonstrated its resolute position,” MP Javid Osmanov told Report.

According to him, Azerbaijan rightly demanded that Iranian businessmen stop smuggling unknown goods from Armenia to Azerbaijan.

In order to maintain friendly relations, Azerbaijan first sent relevant messages through diplomatic channels, but Iran ignored those messages, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry sent a note of protest. Unfortunately, Iran once again ignored those warnings, and as a result, Azerbaijan established checkpoints in the area.”

The parliamentarian said that after those events, Iran began to make baseless accusations against Azerbaijan: “Even the ongoing exercises in the border areas did not turn Azerbaijan away from own position. The president’s policy proved once again that Azerbaijan’s national interests take precedence over all issues and no force can make him to take a step back… Neither threats from Iran, nor military exercises have frightened Azerbaijan. Our country has demonstrated with its firm position that every attempt at pressure at all levels will be adequately responded to.”


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