Azerbaijani military general jailed for 10 years


Today, the Baku military court ended the trial into a criminal case of the former unit commander, Lieutenant General Rovshan Akbarov, Report informs. The court, chaired by judge Habib Hasanov, jailed Rovshan Akbarov to 10 years in prison.

According to the verdict, Articles 12.1, 221.3 (hooliganism) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan, under which Akbarov was charged, was excluded from the case.

The civil lawsuit by the victim party was partially met. It was decided to withdraw AZN40,010 from Akbarov and transfer them to the legal heir of the victim Faday Aliyev.

At the same time, the court did not consider it necessary to deprive Rovshan Akbarov of military and honorary titles. The reason is the absence in the case of the recommendation to deprive him of the military rank.


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