Official: 2,000 Azerbaijani toponyms changed in Armenia, 850 buildings destroyed


“Armenia is the only country of its kind that has completely changed the architectural appearance of Yerevan. The traces of the Iravan fortress have been erased. The only surviving monument is the Goy Mascid (Mosque). Some 850 buildings have been destroyed in Armenia. They keep telling the whole world that Yerevan is an ancient city, but destroyed historical monuments, completely changed 2,000 toponyms.”

Report informs that Fuad Akhundov, head of a sector of the political research and analytical analysis under the public and political department of the Presidential Administration, said this during a speech at the conference “Great Return: Revival of Culture”.

Armenians have committed atrocities unseen on earth, he said: “They want to erase all traces of Azerbaijani culture. It is necessary to photograph the destroyed monuments, as restoration work will be carried out there and there will no traces of destruction be left.”


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