Emin Huseynov: Smart buildings to be built in liberated territories


“The construction of the power transmission line to the center of Aghdam took exactly a year,” as Report informs, the special presidential representative for the Karabakh economic region, Emin Huseynov, said this at a scientific-practical conference on the topic “Possibilities of innovative economic development of the liberated territories”.

“Electricity has already been supplied to the city of Aghdam. We hope that after the restoration of infrastructure in Karabakh, the construction of the first residential quarters will begin. Schools and hospitals are being built on the territories liberated from occupation. I also note that there are five residents in the Aghdam Industrial Park,” Huseynov said.

In his words, the existing up to now systems should be introduced: “After that we will be able to talk about innovations. First, we are talking about the restoration of infrastructure in the territories liberated from the occupation. And then – ensuring the return of people to these lands. There are many opportunities on the liberated lands, there should be built smart villages, smart cities, as well as smart buildings, digital recovery systems. Today there are very interesting projects in this direction.”


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