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‘The judge continued my trial despite my pressure 220 …’

Citizen and Ali Aliyev, the arrested chairman of the Development Party, says that, judgment on him political is motivated

Citizen and Imprisoned chairman of the Development Party (VIP) Ali Aliyev he says that, judgment on him political is motivated.

According to him according toThinking in the 21st century according to Imprisoning a person is not compatible with civil relations.

The party chairman said this on February 11 in the Baku Court of Appeal. In this instance, the Yasamal District Court sentenced Aliyev to 5 months in prison January An appeal against the verdict of 2022 is being considered.

“I was not allowed to say the last word”

The party chairman expressed his views on the helicopter crash that killed 14 people on November 30, 2021. according to Punished under Article 147.1 (slander) of the Criminal Code. Reported to have survived the helicopter Emil JafarovYasamal District Court issued a verdict on the basis of a lawsuit filed by him on special charges.

Aliyev’s lawyers stressed that the verdict was unfounded and demanded its annulment.

The lawyer stressed that there was no criminal element in the actions of his client Cavad Cavadovto his words according tomost importantly, the requirements of the law were not observed at all when the case was considered in the Yasamal District Court:

“Ali Aliyev was not allowed to have the last word. Judge did not allow lawyers to defend. All courts are audio-recorded, you can take a transcript of that process and investigate what I said. All this is the basis for the annulment of that sentence. Even the most ordinary requirements of the law have not been observed.

“Court is not a prison”

The lawyer said that, if the proceedings are not terminated, at least the party chairman shall be released under house arrest during the period of consideration of the appeal. He has no intention of running away from court.

Another lawyer Aqil Worthy he says that, Before the Yasamal District Court passed a verdict on Aliyev judge had already banned him from leaving the courthouse. This means illegal deprivation of liberty:

“She was not allowed to leave the courtroom during lunch, and her right to freedom was restricted. On what basis? The court is a place of justice, not a prison. A special ruling must be issued in this regard. Because Article 5 of the European Convention (freedom and right to immunity).

Layic says that, to the party chairman’s views on the helicopter crash according to His arrest is a true manifestation of what happened in the film “Dream”.

“I was deprived of the opportunity to speak”

The party chairman also addressed the court, political stressed that he was detained for motives:

Judge my blood pressure was 220, but the trial continued. There is an ambulance document confirming this. I was deprived of the last word, the opportunity to speak. As a presidential candidate and head of a political organization, I have expressed my attitude to the helicopter crash that killed 14 people. In the 21st century, people think according to He should not be arrested. ”

None of the petitions against the party chairman was granted. His trial will continue on February 14.


Commenting on the helicopter crash, party chairman Ali Aliyev said that, He did not believe that the servicemen, who gave an interview on TV about the incident, survived.

Source: RFE / RL
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